The Colour of the Planet

By Joanna Eden | 07 December 2018

Elephant. Elefaunt. Elephantus. Proboscidea. Jungle dwellers. Peace lovers. Forest makers. The animal we recognise today as an elephant, Primelephus, appeared only in the last six million years. It is widely thought of as the source of the three genera of modern elephants: Elephas, the Asian elephant; Loxodonta, the African elephant; and Mammuthus, the hairy elephants who…

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How To Be The Hero Of Your Own Life

By Darren Eden | 22 August 2017

You are a hero, and like the heroes in myths and movies, you are a mythical being with magical powers. This is your Greatness. This is who you really are, and you are here to use your magic to resurrect into your Greatness and create your own paradise on earth. But you’ve hidden your mythical…

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The River Makers

By Joanna Eden | 26 January 2017

Beaver. Beofor. Castor fiber. Rodent. Architect. Vegetarian. Engineer. Lumberjack. Builder. This is my first article and I am cutting my teeth, so to speak, on beavers. Beavers teeth never stop growing, ever. Beavers are always cutting their teeth on something. While at a Rewilding Dartmoor debate last November, I was fortunate enough to meet a…

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Can Intuition Save The World?

By Darren Eden | 24 December 2016

There are some serious problems in the world today; global warming, deforestation, the extinction of many animals, over population, poverty, war, the refugee and migration crisis, along with the increasing divide between the rich and poor. Then there are the personal problems we experience as individuals, such as our health problems, emotional problems, financial problems…

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Our Descent Into Darkness

By Darren Eden | 18 October 2016

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the autumn equinox is over and our descent into darkness has began, which heralds some of our most mythical celebrations. Halloween, bonfire night, and then Christmas, when our ascent back into the light begins, just after the winter solstice. Obviously, we know now that our descent into…

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Don’t Waste Your Time Setting Goals

By Darren Eden | 17 January 2016

Setting goals is futile, because even if you create the goal you set, all you’re doing is perpetuating your survival and worse still, moving further away from what you really love. There are two aspects to each of us; our Identity (our false self) and our Greatness (our true self). Our Identity assumes we are…

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