Don’t Waste Your Time Setting Goals

Setting goals is futile, because even if you create the goal you set, all you’re doing is perpetuating your survival and worse still, moving further away from what you really love.

There are two aspects to each of us; our Identity (our false self) and our Greatness (our true self). Our Identity assumes we are separate from what we love, while our Greatness assumes we are already connected to what we love.

When you set goals, what you’re really doing is trying to bridge the separation you’re experiencing. The goals you set will never be what you love, but rather what you believe you need to achieve in order to have what you love. A good example of this is setting the goal to be financially free. It’s easy to assume that once you’re financially free, then you’ll have the time and money to do and have whatever you love. Instead of heading towards what you love, you will start travelling down a divergent path towards a false vision. That’s because whenever you set a goal it creates tension in your consciousness, and that tension has to be resolved. You will unconsciously resolve that tension by employing your beliefs. Your beliefs convince you, through your thoughts and feelings, that this is the path you should be taking, and these are all the things you should be doing in order to create it. One belief in particular that gets triggered whenever you set goals, is the the ‘Not Good Enough’ belief.

Your ‘Not Good Enough’ belief will tell you that when you set a goal you have to strive to achieve it, that you have to be successful and avoid failing. You’ll then work hard towards your goal and at the end of the year you may succeed in creating it, and if you do, you’ll feel great for a moment, but then before too long, you’ll feel as empty and incomplete as you did before you set the goal. If you don’t achieve your goal, then you’ll feel depressed, think you’re a failure and convince yourself that your life is going nowhere. I know so many people who have achieved everything they wanted in their career, they’ve made lots of money, created the house of their dreams, they drive their ideal car and go on extravagant holidays, and yet they still feel like there’s something missing in their life. I also know a number of people who, because they haven’t achieved these things, see themselves as failures. This is the impact of the ‘Not Good Enough’ belief.

Instead of setting goals, what I recommend that you do is orientate to your Greatness and make Choices. Your Greatness already knows what you love and it knows that what you most treasure is just on the other side of the invisible threshold created by your beliefs. All you have to do is purposefully engage your intuition and your Will to cross the threshold of your perception to enter into your own personal mythical realm. It is there that you’ll discover what you really love and be able to engage your focused imagination to purposefully go on your own unique Hero’s Journey to bring it to life. The wonderful thing is, not only will you create what you love, you will also transform your life in the process.

This is the art of making Choices, which is surprisingly very simple to do when you’re able to access your intuition directly.

There are many great films that bring to life the futility of setting goals and the magic you create when you cross the threshold and bring what you love to life. One of my favourites is Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. The Heroine in the film is Molly Mahoney, played by Natalie Portman. Her ‘Not Good Enough’ belief kept convincing her to complete her first piano concerto, which she worked really hard at achieving, but it constantly eluded her. As a result she was convinced that she was stuck in life. Meanwhile, she manages a magical toy store and believes in magic, but is unable to see the magic within herself. Knowing this, her wiseman, Mr Magorium, played by Dustin Hoffman, creates the tension for Molly to go on her Heroine’s Journey, where she discovers the magic within herself and learns how to masterfully wield her magic and music together within her personal mythical realm of the emporium. She didn’t have to give up on magic to pursue music, which her ‘Not Good Enough’ belief tried to convince her to do. Once she realised she was magical she knew she could have both. This is what she really loved.

If you’d love to start making Choices, all you have to is to learn how to access your intuition directly, so you can cross the invisible threshold created by your Identity and discover what you really love. In the process you’ll also discover the magic with yourself and create your own mythical realm. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to arrive at New Years Eve 2016, and instead of feeling empty or like a failure, you spend the night celebrating all the love and magic you’ve created throughout the year with the people you love.

I can teach you how to make Choices and how to access your intuition directly, it’s what I’ve spent the last 16 years empowering people how to do. If you want to learn how to create the things you most treasure, then the first step is to join me at Awaken Your Hero, which is a free on-line webinar and workshop I run. You can find out more at: and

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