Atlas Weyland Eden (1)





“Training with Darren was like looking in an enchanted mirror, with my entire being staring back at me.”


Atlas Weyland Eden






“Darren's Training was a great way of transforming my life. He provided the tools to go on the journey to become the magical person I was always meant to be.”


Stephen Bentley

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Emma Stacey (1)




“Through Darren's Training, I have gained valuable insights and resources, which have provided a solid foundation for me to follow what I love in life.

Now I have the ability, space and freedom to create my own magical story as well as be open to the unknown.

The whole experience has been transformational.”


Emma Stacey








“Darren's training has helped me embody my power by zeroing in on the things I love regardless of my circumstances.”


Ivan Antipov

Ivan Antipov (1)
Annette Shaw (1)






“Darren's Training has helped me to appreciate the immense power of the question: ‘What would I love?’

Darren took me on a powerful journey of creating from my imagination. I now have the space to create whatever I love in my life.”


Annette Shaw