Can Intuition Save The World?

There are some serious problems in the world today; global warming, deforestation, the extinction of many animals, over population, poverty, war, the refugee and migration crisis, along with the increasing divide between the rich and poor. Then there are the personal problems we experience as individuals, such as our health problems, emotional problems, financial problems and relationship problems.

It’s overwhelming isn’t it. How can we individually and collectively solve these problems? Especially when the solution to one problem often becomes the cause of other problems. For example, in Indonesia they are solving the problem of meeting the global demand for palm oil, which is the cheapest vegetable oil in the world, by creating the problem of burning old growth forests. This in turn is killing many species of plants and animals and impacting the health of millions of Indonesians and people from neighbouring countries. Additionally, the Global Fire Emissions Database has observed that on a number of days, the Indonesian fires have emitted more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in one day then the whole US economy.

In the UK, we can solve the problems of not being reliant on imported gas and reducing our energy bills, by creating a local source of gas through fracking, as they have done in the US. Only to create the problems of potentially ruining the environment, contaminating drinking water and creating earthquakes.

We've solved many of our health problems by creating medicines. When we get sick we can take antibiotics to kill the germs. However, many of the germs have now developed a virulence to the antibiotics. Consequently, more people are dying from infections. It is estimated that 700,000 people around the world die every year from drug resistant germs. It has become such a big problem, that the United Nations recently conducted a special meeting to focus on it, which is only the fourth time in it's 70 year history that it has called a meeting devoted to a health issue.

If the solutions to our problems create more and often bigger problems, what can we do?

Before we can create true solutions to our problems, we need to identify the cause of our problems. The cause of all the problems we face, both individually and globally, is our instinctive need to survive. Whenever we experience a problem we consciously or unconsciously assume that our survival is being threatened and consequently we go into reaction. Whenever we go into reaction we trigger our assumptions, which inform us through our thoughts and feelings, of what we believe we need to do in order to continue surviving. Whatever solution we create from our assumptions will lead to more reaction within ourselves and others, which in turn creates more problems. Consequently, we individually and collectively get stuck in a downward spiral.

This dynamic also plays out in how we try to solve our emotional problems. When many people get depressed they take medication so they can function in the world, so they can survive. However, the drug doesn’t actually resolve the depression, it only suppresses it. The consequence of which is addiction to the drug. A recent survey conducted by psychiatrists at the Kings College London found that 1 in 11 adults in the UK take anti-depressants and another report by the Health and Social Care Information Centre found that the amount of people taking anti-depressants in England has doubled in the last ten years.

We deal with our financial problems the same way, by going into reaction and unconsciously calling on our assumptions. In fact we do it more with money than anything else because the amount of money we have directly impacts our survivability. The more money you have, the easier it is to survive, the less money you have, the harder it is to survive. This is why so many people, companies and governments put so much emphasis on money, profit, wealth and economics.

We use money in an attempt to resolve the tension we experience. Which is why the levels of personal debt keeps rising each year. By the end of September 2016 people in the UK owed £1.5 trillion in debt, up from £1.4 trillion in 2015.

While ever we're drawing on our assumptions to try to solve our problems, they will continue to perpetuate, because our assumptions convince us that we’re separate. When we assume we’re separate from each other and the world, we make choices and decisions from our doubts and fears and when we do, we're unaware of the impact or consequences of our actions.

There is one assumption that many of us have, which is on the same magnitude as assuming the world is flat or that the sun orbits the earth. This one assumption is the cause of many of our individual and global problems, which is; 'there are limited resources that have to fulfil unlimited wants.'

This assumption is at the centre of economic theory and is the main driver of global industry, especially the energy industry. It's this assumption that has caused us to focus on and be addicted to fossil fuels for our energy. Our addiction is fuelled by the fact that we need energy in order to survive every day. We need energy to run our cars, trucks, ships and planes. We need it to run our factories, offices and homes, to refrigerate and cook our food and to power our computers and devices. Our insatiable desire for energy is also increasing exponentially as more third world countries become industrialised.

However, this assumption and our addiction to fossil fuels has created a plethora of problems. Burning fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide and currently we collectively pump 38 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. All this extra carbon dioxide is not allowing excess heat to escape from the earths atmosphere into space, which is creating a green house effect. The extra heat is expanding the deserts and causing the polar ice caps to melt, which are raising sea levels and temperatures, which is altering global weather patterns and creating unseasonal and unpredictable storms and unprecedented flooding.

Problems of the magnitude of global warming trigger a deep sense of powerlessness within us because we assume we’re powerless to create significant change or to make a difference. These global problems overwhelm us and we go into reaction. We react by either denying that it's happening, trying to ignore it, or by actively opposing petrochemical companies and governments to force them to change, which creates reaction in them because the opposition threatens their survival. We are also afraid to change because we're addicted to how we live and afraid of losing what we have.

Petrochemical companies find it hard to change because of the massive investment they have in their existing infrastructure. If the oil and gas stop flowing, so do their profits, and companies need profits in order to survive. Governments find it hard to change because they have to ensure that a constant base-load of energy is supplied to keep their economies running, which many governments assume renewables can’t provide. If the energy stops flowing, so do the votes. Without votes governments don’t survive. Even though many people agree that global warming is one of the greatest threats to humanity. Once in the polling booth, most people will vote for the political party that promises to lower taxes, create more jobs and improve the economy. Which is exactly what happened in the recent US elections. Our immediate survival is always our number one political agenda.

I apologise if I've depressed you, or made you fearful or angry by sharing all these facts. There is however a point I’m making, which is, while ever we’re drawing on our assumptions to solve our problems, instead of solving them we will exacerbate them.

Einstein famously said; "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

What's obvious then, is that we need to be able to draw on another resource, other than our assumptions and our thoughts and feelings, to solve our problems and create lasting solutions.

Fortunately, we all have access to a much greater resource and that is our intuition.

Can intuition save the world? Yes, I believe it can.

Having access to your intuition is just like harnessing the power of the sun. It's an abundant resource which is always there for us. Whereas, drawing on our assumptions is like depending only on fossil fuels.

Going to a higher source for our energy doesn't just solve our problems, it transforms the way we live.

Harnessing the power of the sun to solve our energy needs and harnessing the power of our intuition to solve our problems, both completely dispel the assumption that there are limited resources to fulfil our unlimited needs and desires. Realising this is the same as realising the truth that the earth is round and that it orbits the sun. It's transformational.

Our intuition aligns us with nature and our own true nature, and through it we're able to harness the wisdom held within nature and ourselves. It is the source of all our creativity, imagination and inventiveness. Our greatest creations are the ones that are aligned with nature and replicate how nature creates.

Imagine if we were able to directly draw on our intuition to effortlessly harness and utilise the power of the sun for all of our energy needs, just as trees and plants do through photosynthesis every day.

Not only is this possible, it's within our grasp.

We can use our intuition to imagine a new vision, one that rings true and serves ourselves, the people we love, humanity and our planet. It will also give us the conviction and power to overcome any obstacle we encounter and it will reveal the obvious action to take to create the vision we've imagined.

It’s obvious that if we collectively invest in solar technology we will solve global warming and overcome our addiction to fossil fuels.

There are a growing number of people dedicating themselves to creating this vision. Elon Musk is one of them. He has created the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada that develops batteries for solar technology. His solar panels and batteries are currently providing all the energy for American Samoa, which was previously fuelled by diesel. In an interview with Leonardo DiCaprio for his documentary film; "Before The Flood", Elon shared that he and his team have calculated, that only 100 of these gigafactories could provide enough solar power to serve the energy demands of the entire world.

Getting all of our energy from the sun would solve a lot of our global problems. We'll leave fossil fuels in the ground, our carbon emissions will dramatically decrease, the atmosphere will progressively cool and the earth will naturally start regenerating itself. It will also decrease wars motivated by energy and the poverty and refugee crises they create.

Getting energy from your intuition will also solve your personal problems because with it, you'll transform your relationship with survival and the tension it creates within you. You won't resolve the tension you experience the same way. You won't act on your reactions because you'll know they are just your assumptions being triggered.

Instead of reacting to your assumptions when you experience a problem, you will purposefully draw on your intuition to get clarity about the vision you would love to create in relationship to the problem. Then, you'll go back to your intuition to inform you as to how to bring the vision to life.

A vision we naturally embody when we're connected to our intuition is to be healthy, and our intuition serves us to make choices that will serve our mental, emotional and physical health. It particularly serves us in how we resolve our tension with food. Instead of consuming food just to resolve our survival tension, which can often be unhealthy food, we are naturally drawn to foods that nourish and invigorate us. The health and vitality we create will produce a natural resilience to germs and will dramatically decrease our need for antibiotics.

When the majority of people globally are connected to their intuition, of all the oils we can choose to consume that serve our health, it's very unlikely we'll choose to consume palm oil. This will cause the global demand for palm oil to fall and with it a massive reduction in the burning of Indonesian forests. This will create space for the forests to progressively regenerate and provide fresh air for Indonesians and people from neighbouring countries to breath. This is one way that our individual choice to be healthy will reduce global warming and serve our planet.

Your intuition will also serve your emotional health. Whenever you get depressed, instead of medicating yourself to resolve the tension, you will know that the depression is being generated by your assumptions.

Whenever you experience and react to feelings of depression, you're assuming that you're either unlovable, not good enough or that you don't belong, and each of these assumptions are convincing you that you're powerless to create what you love. Acknowledging that, you'll be able to cross the threshold created by your assumptions and purposefully go to your intuition to receive what you would love to create. Which could be the work you would love to do, the relationship you would love to be in, the home you'd love to live in, the health and vitality or freedom you'd love to have. Then your intuition will reveal the obvious and effortless action you can take to create it.

When you create what you love, you will transform your reality and at the same time take the power out of your assumptions. Instead of feeling depressed, you'll feel inspired, vibrant and alive and your life force will no longer be suppressed by medication.

Imagine if the millions of people currently taking medication for their depression had no need for it because they felt vibrant and alive, had a deep sense of purpose and were able create the health, relationships, work and home they love. That would be very transformational.

Your intuition will also transform your relationship with money. When you're reacting to your assumptions, money is the master and you are it's servant. Whereas when your intuition has the power, money becomes the servant and you it's master. That's because you will be able to wield the tension you're experiencing by focusing on what you would love to create, regardless of your financial circumstances, and then purposefully generate the resources you need to create it.

Your intuition will also transform your relationships. Assumptions create fear and separation. Intuition creates love and connection and allows you to see the beauty within yourself and others, which leads to compassion and understanding. The relationships you create will have richness and depth and be synergistic. You'll experience a level of love for yourself and others that you would never have dreamed could be possible.

Imagine if corporate and political leaders were trained in their intuition, it will transform the way business is done and how governments are run. Businesses will generate their profits and governments will generate their votes through love, truth and service and not self interest, greed and power.

Although they may seem like utopian dreams, each of these end results are very possible when we individually and collectively learn how to stop reacting to our assumptions and start purposefully harnessing the power of our intuition.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing many peoples lives progressively transform once they learned how to directly access their intuition, my own included. We are all intuitive and we can all benefit from it. Just as we can all benefit from the sun's energy.

Learning how to access your intuition is like learning any other art form. Once you understand the principles that underpin it, it is very easy to learn, then go on to master.

Despite all of our problems, I believe each of us has the power to transform ourselves and transform our world. Each and every one of us is truly extraordinary and earth can be our paradise. A paradise that we share in love and synergy with each other, the animal kingdom and plant kingdom.

Can your intuition save the world? Yes it can, and the first persons world it will save will be your own.

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