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The Colour of the Planet

Elephant. Elefaunt. Elephantus. Proboscidea. Jungle dwellers. Peace lovers. Forest makers. The animal we recognise today as an elephant, Primelephus, appeared only in the last six million years. It is widely thought of as the source of the three genera of modern elephants:¬†Elephas, the Asian elephant; Loxodonta, the African elephant; and Mammuthus, the hairy elephants who…

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The River Makers

Beaver. Beofor. Castor fiber. Rodent. Architect. Vegetarian. Engineer. Lumberjack. Builder. This is my first article and I am cutting my teeth, so to speak, on beavers. Beavers teeth never stop growing, ever. Beavers are always cutting their teeth on something. While at a Rewilding Dartmoor debate last November, I was fortunate enough to meet a…

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